the deciduous grace of letting go

I chose Love on a cool day in October, as the chill stirred leaves from trees in orange, red, and gold blizzards to be caught under cork heels and rubber soles, in children’s hands and writer’s notebooks, dried: I wake up in a pile of yellow leaves, under a ceiling of gray and crème peeling bark. Only the tips of red boots can be seen glancing from foggy morning lake to the cluster of willow trees, East where sun’s ‘bout to beam through the three-post fence.

Plant Medicine When Bipolar: My Experience at Rythmia

It’s been little more than a year since I attended Rythmia, and let me tell you: “WOW.” There’s a saying at the center that the real work begins once you leave. That couldn’t be more true, and that process couldn’t be more fun! I’ve lived twenty years in one, catching up to the big beautiful self I expanded to become.

But I remember when it was still a decision I hadn’t yet made. With $5000 in my savings and plans to quit my job, how could I possibly decide to spend a fifth of that on this trip? Truely, I couldn’t afford not to.

Subtle Threads (On Anxiety & Depression)

The more and more I listen to myself, the more I give myself permission to pay attention to my subtle shifts in thoughts and emotion, the more I realize that anxiety and depression don’t come out of nowhere, as they used to seem to. They’re natural responses to an idea or belief I think, feel, and get tangled up in. This process of listening has been strengthened by:
• Realizing when I’m either anxious or depressed
• Knowing my natural state is joy or eagerness
• And focusing solely on feeling better in some small way.

This might look like…