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I do not stand over flowers screaming at them to hurry up—I take care of them with sun and water and attention, then allow nature to do the blossoming. I must realize, I mean truly realize, that I am the same.
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Hello! I’m Conner Lee.

I’m a pansexual nonbinary woman (she/they pronouns), intersectional, unapologetic self-love advocate, perpetually learning, led by compassion, and underscored by questions that pour from my FUPA in an endless stream of, “what if and why not?”

I live in an RV with my mom, Jan and our dog, Jodi. I’m definitely a witch or a warlock or a fairy or an angel or some other magical creature that cannot be contained. I write poetry, memoir, and am currently writing a book about the time I was hospitalized for bipolar disorder.

We are all in this life-thing together. Therefore, I may not know you but I know I love you, because we are and so we are loved. Thank you for being here.

This is the short & sweet version; if you’d like to read the full text, visit the About page.

No, I am not willing to be anything less than remarkable. Authenticity is where life has purpose; it’s where joy and fulfillment reside. I won’t give that up for anything or anyone.


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In this life you reap what the soul has cast, and sowed a crop of burden, you must decipher the reward.
— Mutations by Monserrat Iniguez (@_montis)