writer, sing, wild thing




I do not stand over flowers screaming at them to hurry up—I take care of them with sun and water and attention, then allow nature to do the blossoming. I must realize, I mean truly realize, that I am the same.

I am a pansexual, nonbinary woman with she/they pronouns. I am intersectional, perpetually learning, led by compassion, and underscored by questions that pour from my FUPA in an endless stream of, “what if and why not?”

I prefer babbling streams; I enjoy run-on prose. As I write this, it’s a beautiful, warm afternoon in winter. And I am changeable.

I have always been a writer, even before I could form letters with a pen. I write poetry, memoir. I’m currently writing a book.

I love every inch of my body as the spaceship animal it is. I know my worth and value, though knowing it didn’t come automatically—it came purposefully; it came consciously; it came because I called to it and I never stop calling to it. 

I am spiritually grounded; aka the grandma of my friend group. I have no desire to make others see as see, but I have become much better at allowing myself to see as I see, without apology. If anything I speak on doesn’t resonates with you, leave it. However, my writing often touches on my perspectives, so it is nice to introduce you to this foundation of my being now.

I do not live up to nor consider myself an activist, but I am continuously unlearning a life of ignorance, passed to many of us via some privilege or another that we haven’t earned in any way. I act upon what I have learned and am vocal all the while doing so, for I strive to live in a way that will make my great, great, great grandchildren proud.

I am an avid representative of selfish self-care. Which states that we each have only to give what runneth over our cup, and it is therefore our responsibly to fill our cup so as to have something to give.

I believe we are all in this life-thing together. So while I may not know you, I know I love you; because we are and so we are loved.

Thank you for reading. 


Conner Lee, aka conpoet