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Something to Be Said for Love

I think there’s something to be said for slow love. For the take your time, make it count; yeah, i’m sure love. I think there’s something to be said for fast love too: rip off your clothes in the bathroom, bite on your lip, claw down your back love; Or, fell in your iris, drowned in your pupil, take me skinny dipping in your soul when you’re sleeping love; I knew you like a top spun, wound quick and let go, to topple and crash upon wooden table like floor love. Spit, say, learn to spin your own top love. Don’t call me until you’ve got your shit together love. Words in my head don’t manage to breach my lips, much less your ears love. Said too much, didn’t say enough love. Spoke on the phone, overheard you call home, miss your mama, scratch the back of a kitten’s head love. Like, wow love; like please take my life or have my babies love. Like oh shit, I feel too much but don’t you dare slow down this car love. The, we almost hit a tree but didn’t so we’re free, stupid young & green, met at nineteen love. Car broke down, but we didn’t buy a new love. Pushed the hunk of metal down the mountain side. Shake the mechanic’s hand even though it’s greasy, doesn’t wipe it on my shirt love. Relax, float on back love. Take me to the forest love. Marry me swinging from tree to tree. I think there’s something to be said for lost love. Especially when after the top loses spin and the car’s engine runs on too many a-miles, each look to the other, point in the opposite direction and say: I’ll look for a gas station this way, you look that way love. Trust me I’ll see you on the path, we’ve gotta fix this car love. Don’t need to look back, wounding round a single track, lose track, find our place love. take me at my word, love. I would never be your cage, for you I have no rage love. Just promises I make while magic wands bring lightening bugs love. Couldn’t turn away love. Wouldn’t save the day love. Make me find my own way; only to be the one-love. I think there’s something to be said for slow love. For found my way away from you and somehow here we are love. For shit I forgot how good this feels love. For butterflies thumping in my heart, stomach, and crotch love. For that damn he looks sexy on the couch love. For the I wonder if he wonders love. That will he, won’t he, could he, can he, please me, love me; let me show you how I dance, love.

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