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Poems & Prose


Tune into the Trees

Imagine tree roots, not only, piercing (kissing)
deep into the ground—holding high
canopies, steady & strong—
But also, weaving, entangled, in union
with the roots of all the other trees.

(One tree, connected to another,
connected to another, and on;)

It is known that in this way
trees can communicate across long distances
What if, we can too—not with devices,
not with words, surely.
Rather, in questions (posed..)
and emotions (..by songs sung on the radio):
When I think of you, do you feel the love?

There is a big gap of time since one of my branches
met one of yours; it’s beautiful to see
the luscious green of your spring leaves.
Honey, sweet; dew & daydream—evening kisses,
lightning-bug lanterns wrapped around beams.
Everything I imagined comes

like a wide dense cloud:
belly full & ready

rain _