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Rockport: Artsy Town on the Texas Coast

We’ve been in Rockport, Texas for two months now waiting out winter in the West before heading toward the Pacific ocean. I recently decided to start writing more about our traveling, especially since we plan to travel more often once leaving here. But before then, I figured why not create a short post with my favorite pictures from our time here.


This parking spot at Circle W RV Park has been out absolute favorite because we have trees behind us; it feels like having our own little yard. We have our chairs sitting outside; I bought and set up a camping hammock that I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful use out of. The people here have been incredibly kind. We even made a couple friends and went to bingo night with them a few times.


There’s a huge dog park here in Rockport that’s been amazing to have for Jodi. We go there at least four times a week and he gets to run and run. The park for large dogs, which Jodi is happy to utilize despite being fairly small, is probably a quarter of an acre if not more. It’s big enough to take a walk in, which has been great for training Jodi to stay with us when walking off leash.

Jodi roaming the dog park.

Jodi roaming the dog park.

There are two restaurants that really stick out in my memory. The first is 495 Chesapeake Eats, which is a more upscale kind-of joint. If you go, you MUST get the brussel sprouts. They’re fried and drizzled in honey; they are SO SO good. And that is how I learned I like brussel sprouts. We also got their fries and seafood mac & cheese, which was a rare but worth it dish for us 99% vegetarians.

The second place that sticks out in my mind is Rosita’s on Market street. We went here A LOT. It’s a local mexican restaurant with phenomenal food and to-die-for salsa verde. Everything is super affordable too. If you go early enough, you can also get their homemade pan pastries, which are delicious. My favorite dish here was their Migas a la Mexicana for sure. And you better believe we bought a bottle of their salsa verde for the road.

Rosita’s in Rockport

Rosita’s in Rockport

From our RV park, we’re about thirty minutes from Corpus Christi and thirty minutes from Port Aransas, which is where the beach is at. We take a ferry from Aransas Pass over to Port Aransas to get there. It’s a lovely beach with parking right on the sand. If you’re looking for bombass coffee in Port Aransas, definitely hit up Coffee Waves. They also have damn good gelato.

Beach at Port Aransas

Beach at Port Aransas

The nice thing about having been here for two months is we’ve really gotten to know the place. We’re both nervous and excited to hit the road again, but I definitely want to make sure we take our time enough to have the opportunity to find the gems like we did here.

P.S. We stayed long enough to see bluebonnets bloom; gosh I love bluebonnets. If I manage to snag a pic of them as we leave, I’ll add it below.

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