How to Increase Creativity & Discipline (video)

In discovering how to be more creative, you can’t skip the aspect of discipline. A common misunderstanding every creative comes to realize is that being creative doesn’t require inspiration. Whether the muse comes to play that day or not, you must show up and work your creative muscle regardless. Sometimes I even wonder if ‘genius’ is correlated, simply, with how prolific one is—the more you create, the more likely you are to stumble upon something exceptional. Whether it is the skill you’ve developed from hours and hours of creating or simply the luck of striking gold in the coal mine of your talent, does it really matter?

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How to Breathe Underwater /or/ Am I Fully Alive Yet?

A heavy heart is not always a bad thing; it’s a teacher that asks only questions without answers. The body knows its needs; the mind knows its wants; the soul knows its path; but the heart couldn’t give a damn. The heart needs and wants and knows a million different feelings all at once and refuses to give up on any of them.

This is a strange blessing; one that hurts but one I would not be living alive without. It is when we beat our hearts senseless, quite literally sense-less, that we reek havoc on the world and refuse to love with action.

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5 Senses Writing Prompt — Freewrite with Me #1

The prompt: Use all five senses (sight, touch, smell, hear, taste) in your freewrite. Which in this case is a ten-minute freewrite.

You can write about absolutely anything. The goal of this prompt is simply to strengthen your world-building skills. This is something I still have to be very conscious of in my writing, especially when writing poetry.

It’s much easier to tell than show, but showing the reader is what makes writing visceral and engaging.

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How to Love Yourself Like the Moon Loves You

The moon asked me to send you a message, said she sent it across the sea in a bottle that must have gotten lost or picked up by someone else who needed it along the way. It reads:

Imagine yourself a single grain of moon dust, scattered by the passing of a meteor, caught in Earth’s gravitational pull, hugged to the planet. Memories are fickle, so you weren’t certain if space had been home once or if life started when you arrived.

It wasn’t a dream.

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