5 Senses Writing Prompt — Freewrite with Me #1

Image by Debby Hudson via Unsplash

Image by Debby Hudson via Unsplash


I’ve wanted to create Youtube videos for a couple years now; but I procrastinated wildly, listing the million different reasons not to get started.

But this is 2019; while it may not be New Year, New Me. It is certainly New Year, Let’s Gooooooo.

Freewrite with Me

I wanted to create a video series that’s interactive. One of the things I miss most about my college writing classes was freewriting in a group and sharing what we create on the spot.

From a viewer’s perspective, I’ve also watched or found lists of writing prompts…and never used them. So my hope is that you’ll realize it’s a video asking you to write, right now. And join me!

The Prompt

5 Senses Writing Prompt

This prompt was introduced to me by my writing mentor, Nynke Passi, in college. I’m sure it can be found in various writing prompt books as well though. The prompt is simple:

Use all five senses (sight, touch, smell, hear, taste) in your freewrite. Which in this case is a ten-minute freewrite.

You can write about absolutely anything. The goal of this prompt is simply to strengthen your world-building skills. This is something I still have to be very conscious of in my writing, especially when writing poetry. It’s much easier to tell than show, but showing the reader is what makes your writing visceral and engaging.

Write Now


“The thing about writing is you have to write a lot of not good stuff.” Don’t underestimate how much “not good stuff” it takes to write something fabulous! I often see people discouraged when they take up writing, but they’re comparing their freewrite to someone else’s final draft. And that doesn’t even take into account the thousands of shit manuscripts and years of practicing the skill.


Take it from Dory the fish and just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing.

My Freewrite

“Wind dropped through the trees, sank to the grass, and brought nostalgia to my nose. It smelt like swirling around and around until, "we all fall down." I sat upon the rough protruding root; its scraggly bark pressed into my skin, leaving imprints. But I didn't mind.

I relaxed; looking at the sky, I saw the storm along the horizon that the wind was bringing in. I helped an ant crawling along my bare leg find its way back to the soil; I placed my palm on the open ground and felt the intricate system of communication living below.

A drop fell from the sky, through the tree, and landed on my nose. It trickled down; I stuck my tongue out to catch it—somehow both salty and sweet, the rain began to pour. All the plants looked as though they were reaching for the storm, praising the life-givers up high.

This is when most people would get up and run toward a structure to avoid getting drenched. I scooted away from the tree and lay in the grass, directly under the clouds releasing their boon. All I am is here, now, cycling as nature does. Why would I avoid that?”


I would love to read your freewrite! Please share in the comments below or in the comments of the video on Youtube. It’s just not nearly as much fun if we’re not both sharing what we’ve written.

Thank you for joining me for this freewrite!!